my overnight ultralight backpacking gear list

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Update 2022 Links checked and updated, some weights updated based on newer models of the stuff listed. Also, I don't use the alcohol stove much anymore, it's just too fussy for me. Instead, I use a simple compact gas stove.

I went on a nice quick overnight backpacking trip with a friend last night. Unpacking my stuff just now, I realized that I had never shared my ultralight backpacking gear list. You may find it useful if you like backpacking but don't like carrying heavy gear you don't need weighing you down. Here's a picture showing everything, minus the food I already ate (separate story).

I think that's it. Well, I was carrying my car key as well. Technically I could leave it behind, hide it somewhere, but that is not worth the risk / hassle.

The grand total is about 17 pounds, including water and the backpack. Base Pack Weight (without food, water and stuff carried in pocket: 11 lbs.

The low hanging fruit for further weight reduction is the backpack itself. You can get cool ultralight ones like this 40 l / 30 oz Hyperlite 2400.